Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Bathrooms are very tricky. They have a lot of practical functions to fulfill while normally being quite limited in space. There are a dizzying array of styles and schemes available. There are lots of fixtures and gizmos to choose.

We like vintage and rustic. My friend T just got through a bathroom renovation (now experiencing pug-related delay)in Brooklyn. Love the whole hex/subway tile combination. Here are some other examples.

Our bathroom space is pretty restricted. And V, given the choice, will have exposed stone. Reconciling the stone with turn-of-the-century styling is kind of a challenge. Right now, I´m thinking slate tiles and white porcelain to keep it from feeling too dungeon-y and more craftsman.

Unfortunately we´re having a tough time finding the fixtures we like - somewhere between victorian and deco. The Spanish have really committed to ultra modern design and 99% of what we´ve seen is that. Not really our cup of tea. We want one of these:

We also really like the showers built into the floor, without the separate base. It doesn´t hurt to think about barrier free living.

And a bathroom I just like. Check out that panelled tub.


  1. First off--thanks for the plug for my blog/bathroom reno.

    Secondly...take a look at Vintage Tub and Bath. They ship internationally, apparently, , but who knows how expensive that would be. might be able to find some good ideas there for fixtures, etc.

  2. Oh, it really does look gorgeous. I hated my bathroom as it looked extremely outdated and felt gloomy, but since the bathroom fitter aberdeen decided to give me a hand and improve it, it looks quite similar to yours.