Monday, July 18, 2011

Potter Fever

Going to see the last (sniff) installment of HP today with my friend W. Can´t wait. I´m really more of a book fan than a movie fan but at this point I´ll take whatever´s left of the magic.

BTW - this is NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM all grown up!!!

Yes, this Neville Longbottom

Ok so it wasn´t Hogwarts - it was Hollywood magic - more at this link

And for MORE Potter-related fluff - check out who was almost cast in the movie franchise.


In other frivolous news - I have powered through the first three installments of the Game of Thrones series and have the 4th on my Amazon waiting list. The fifth book is out this month, but I rarely pay hardcover prices so that will have to wait. While not what I would describe as great literature, they are terrific page-turners and would be really good for the beach. HBO´s GoT second season is set for spring of 2012.

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