Saturday, July 2, 2011

Corpus Christi

We got a long weekend to go up to Galicia because of the Corpus holiday. The village of Ares has a well known tradition of creating flower petal ¨carpets¨ in the streets, over which a procession walks to celebrate the holiday.

And low and behold, when we were at the Sunday market, there were 2 carpets just outside the church in Melide.

We have been trying to swing by the market on Sunday mornings since December, before heading back to Madrid. I´m interested in what´s on offer with an eye to future participation selling something. A lot is cheap plastic shoes, clothes, and trinkets, which doesn´t interest us much, but we did buy some woolly socks once.

Pickings were pretty slim in the winter, except for homemade cheese, bread, potatoes and pork products, but at Easter there were lots of stands selling plant starts - strawberries, onions and greens. This time, I was determined to find free range eggs and some veggies to bring back.

We got cheese, bread, an empanada, eggs, beet greens lettuce and cabbage and a big box of plonk table wine (bierzo) for summer spritzers/sangrĂ­a. I didn´t see anyone selling herbs, flowers or soap - so perhaps there´s a niche there. Time will tell.

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