Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Plans, I have plans

For those over the whole kitchen thing - skip this post.

I have spent most of the last weekend cutting, pasting and rotating shapes in hopes of coming up with a kitchen plan.

Now you´d think that since we possess no actual kitchen furnishings or large appliances, or more than 2 window/door openings in the existing space, coming up with a kitchen floorplan would be a piece of cake (pun intended). You´d be wrong. The space is 2,9 x 6,94 meters or 9.5 x 22.7 feet.

Requirements: woodburning stove, regular stove (for warmer months),fridge, farmhouse sink, table with seating for 3ish, china hutch, dishwasher.

Let´s see. Since the woodburning stove is the biggest thing, I´ll just move that around and see what happens. My instinct is that it should go on the shared wall between the living room and the kitchen - but it´s awkward. There will probably be some kind of smallish butcher block/cutting table in the mix too, but for now lets just concentrate on the major stuff.

This is just to establish where the plumbing and electrical outlets need to be. We´ll be purchasing individual elements later.

If anyone has any ideas - feel free to let me know. As I say, windows/door openings can be smaller, larger, fewer, made into french doors, etc.

Extra points for anyone who can figure out how to create a traditional Galician inglenook or lareira out of the woodstove area. Aren´t these great?