Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Body Butter

Body butters are mixed (semi)solid oils and liquid oils beaten until fluffy. I am interested in saving some euros on the bottles and bottles of Nivea cream we go through, especially in the winter. The first batch was shea and jojoba oil, the second shea with almond oil. The good thing about body butters is that, being anhydrous (without water) you avoid having to use a preservative. I put in some vitamin E which helps in extending shelf life of the oils. But the quantity is so small, they only last a few weeks.

Verdict - a little greasy. That seems obvious given the ingredients, but the light mousse-iness fooled me. It works into your skin like body oil. My skin likes it, but I would be careful about putting on good clothes immediately after application. The second batch has an orange/geranium blend that´s quite nice.

Now I have to get over my complete intimidation before unpronounceable chemical preservatives and make an actual lotion for summer.

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