Friday, April 15, 2011

Design blogs

Taxes done. (Yes, US expats - you still are supposed to file taxes. See and 2555ez should start you off.

We´re putting together an inspiration file for the ruin. Mostly just looking at the pictures. Thought I´d share my finds.

In English: (Cute Baby warning)

And it´s antidote (Brilliant - read everything)

In Spanish:

Have a swell weekend!


  1. It's wonderful to have dreams, it's the thing that keeps you going when things don't seem to be going.
    By the way, you can buy rennet in a chemist shop! Strange place, but this is Spain.

  2. That´s exactly where I got mine! Weird, I know.

  3. Fly's blog certainly quashed any lingering doubts about Spain or France, for me.

    Nice to look at other people's projects, but keeping your feet on the ground at the same time can be difficult!

  4. Believe me, the budget is above all things! So glad you´re blogging again PG - missed you. Can´t wait to go mushrooming myself, although I´ll probably die of poisoning immediately thereafter.