Monday, January 17, 2011

The Victorian Farm and The Edwardian Farm

Terrific series. I confess I liked the Victorian series better, but it was the first and it´s difficult to reproduce the delight with the initial discovery.

Three professionals (2 archeologists and a historian) live and work on period farms while limited to the technology available at the time. So much more interesting than throwing together a group of know-nothings and waiting for fireworks to start.

The Victorian Farm

The Edwardian Farm

Of course you can also buy both series on Amazon.

Oh, and I think Shire horses are just about the most beautiful things ever, closely followed by Dartmoor ponies.


  1. Hi, we also have enjoyed The Victorian Farm and the Edwardian Farm, but the first [I think] in this series was 'Tales from the Green Valley'. Ruth of course, with some of the team, but a couple of faces that are not in the two newest ones. I think for us we are enjoying the Edwardian Farm best, my husband comes from Devon and quite a lot of what is covered in this series we remember from our childhood in the 50's

  2. It´s certainly a stunningly beautiful part of the world.