Monday, December 27, 2010

No stockings this year either

Frankly, I suck at knitting. My mother is good at it and would like me to take it up - but it´s so FRUSTRATING. If I start out with 20 stitches, inside of 10 rows I can end up with 30 or perhaps 15, both have happened - and have no idea how I do it. You wouldn´t think such a repetitive activity as knitting and purling would be so irritatingly complicated.

I started this little exercise last summer visiting my Mom. Basic little knitting and purling, and really, the 5 x 5 alternating blocks of stitches and rows produce a really interesting basketweave pattern. Haven´t touched it since, but when I knitted a few rows the other day - I once again dropped or added a stitch and now I´ve had to rip out what I added (and more), and I can´t even get it back on the damned needles.

For me, the more I think about it, knitting becomes horribly like 3 dimensional math.

I just want to be able to knit warm, fuzzy socks.

Well, warm, fuzzy socks and slouchy hats. Socks, hats, scarves, mittens and gloves.

And someday, in my heart of hearts, one of these.

Since I seem to tend to drop stitches, maybe I´m a natural.


  1. Hi Coco, a belated Happy Christmas and a Happy New year.
    I have never had a problem with knitting but crochet defeated me for a number of years but I have now cracked the basics, keeping it simple at the moment and making a cushion cover.
    Have you though about a knitting machine? you can work out wonderful patterns on graft paper, so you are still being creative.

  2. I had not thought of a knitting machine, since it seems even more complicated than 2 needles. But I´ll keep my eye out for one second-hand. I can´t crochet either. Have you seen those Galician ladies making bobbin lace? Unbelievable.

  3. Ah, lace making, I did a course years ago, still have an excellent book on it and one day when I have time hope to go back to it, it's so relaxing, I just loved it, and it may look hard, but you work to a template so in fact it's quite easy but time consuming.
    A knitting machine is easy, once you learn how to thread it there is not much more to learn.