Monday, November 15, 2010


I found a women´s cooperative who are already doing the medicinal/aromatic herbs thing. Less legwork! They were awarded the Premio de Excelencia a la Innovación para Mujeres Rurales for 2010.

Milhulloa is a company that is dedicated to ecological farming and the transformation and commercialization of medicinal plants and vegetables. It is located in Palas de Rei in the province of Lugo near the French Way as it passes through the Ulloa region.

By using ecological farming techniques, Milhulloa obtains higher quality consumer products all while contributing to environmental conservation. The most important selection criteria when it comes to which species to cultivate are whether the plants are native to the La Ulloa region and their commercial value.


Milhulloa are dedicated to organic farming, processing and marketing of medicinal plants and crops. This cooperative has been able to create a higher return on land in Palas de Rei Lugo, with the dual aim of seeking self-employment and to conserve biodiversity. It is the only company n Galicia dedicated to the production of medicinal herbs and teas, as well as dehydrated vegetables, oleates and spices. They are in charge of the entire process. . .

And I found out that ¨Miel en Rama¨ is Spanish for yarrow (achillea millefolium L.).

In Spanish - this must be some kind of entrepreneurial TV show.


  1. What a wonderful field of Calendula, it's one of the most useful herbs, I make an ointment for cuts and burns,it stops nappy rash, it also help with macular degeneration which I have.
    This co-op is quite close to where we managed to get the organic hen feed, so much seems to be going on in that area.

  2. Sigh - 10 hectares! Their star product is dehydrated grelos, which I think is swiss chard.