Tuesday, November 30, 2010

It´s Ours

We closed, paid the Notary, paid the transaction tax and the paperwork is now with the Register.

We spoke with Jose the construction guy, who is going to give us an estimate for a team to clear out rubble and cut back the overgrown weeds. Then we´ll be looking for an architect to develop a work plan.

This is going to be a long process - so any help regarding websites to consult, personal renovation stories and advice, products we may not be aware of, etc. are all extremely welcome.

We´re also trying to think of names. Suggestions welcome!

So more pics:

There was some additional damage since we were there in August. But it´s an absolutely beautiful corner of the world. I´m thrilled.

Of the mysteries: 1) is a crumbling stone oven which we´ve managed to hack away some of the vegetation from. 2) There was a second floor we didn´t recognize, which collapsed along with the roof. Turns out there were cuadras (stalls) below and the openings are feeding mangers. 3) still no well

Tulip bulbs were planted just south of the barn, in a hopefully out of the way spot which is filled with stinging nettle.

Looking south between the barn and the wall to the east that borders the property.

West to the woods. There´s some kind of whitish fungus growing on the trees - any guesses?:

The forest walk:


  1. Congratulations! At last, now it's all yours.
    The trees with the grey/whitish fungus, it is probably stags horn lichen, very pretty. You mentioned a stinging nettle patch, this indicates high fertility, could be where the animal dung heap had been or maybe run off or a percolation area connected to a septic tank. Don't forget stinging nettles have many uses including plant feed and pest control.
    Good Luck with the project.

  2. Hi, I've seen your blog and I would first congratulate you and wish you a happy life in it.
    I'm architect, mainly focused on restoration, and would like you to visit my website: www.atort.com. If you find it interesting, please contact me.
    Best wishes,

  3. Hi Coco,

    Well done it looks lovely, really good, are you going to live there full time?

  4. Hi Dawn,

    Yes - we´ll be living there full time and it can´t happen fast enough for me. Of course, the problem is making a living once we´re up there. But the challenge now is getting it minimally habitable - unlike you I don´t have the pluck to live without amenities like plumbing. You rock.