Tuesday, August 24, 2010


My first attempt at yogurt.

I heated one brik of whole milk to 180 degrees stirring so it wouldn´t stick, let it cool to 110, added 1 container of plain active yogurt (with sugar - it was the only one I could find) to a little of the milk, stirring slowly, then added that mixture back into the cooler milk. Then you´re supposed to keep it at 90 degrees for hours. I put it in a water bath on the stove on the lowest setting intermittantly until I went to bed. This morning - yogurt! And it´s delicious.

The two containers of commercial yogurt were 0.99 € and the brik of whole milk was another 0.99. I got 5 big servings to enjoy. Also pictured, some peach preserves I made last week.

I´d like to try some soft cheeses, but am having trouble tracking down a cheesemaking kit with the right cultures. Either they don´t ship here, or they are for batches of 400 litres.

In other news - still no response to our initial offer from the sellers of the house. We are not amused.

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  1. Hi, if you Google 'cheese rennet' dozens of sites will come up, one that caught my eye was ascott-dairy.co.uk the do complete cultures for small batches.Amazon also do rennet. Do you have John Seymores 'Compleat Guide to Selfsufficiency' Great book, I wouldn't be without mine although it's a bit battered after all these years.Good cheese making recipes and everything else you need to know.
    Carfour do a live organic yogurt in jars, great for a starter, don't forget you can use some of your own yoghurt to start the next batch.
    I used to make quite a lot of cheese when we had cattle, I have used a herb called lady's bedstraw as a natural rennet but haven't found it growing here.