Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Snail Farming

Crazy idea #7 for making money in Galicia -

snail farming


  1. Hi Again, great idea, wrong place. The Galicians are very reserved in what they eat you would have to look to markets futher afield. Both the Aspersa and the Pomatia snail do well here, so the soil is right for them.
    There is a Spainish Snail Farming Association, if I remember correctly it's located in Catalonia.

  2. Clearly you know much more about snails than I do :)

    Eating snails is quite popular in Madrid - I wonder why the Gallegos haven´t caught on. I was once presented with a plate of tiny ones you had to pry out with a toothpick. Seemed like a lot of work for a chewy morsel that tasted entirely of garlic.

  3. And to think I just tie the ones I collect from my garden in a plastic bag and chuck them in the bin! Not very kind to snails, I'm afraid, not after what they do to my garden.