Sunday, April 18, 2010

Galicia? Where?

I don´t actually remember many details about my first visit to Galicia. It was over a Christmas when we were still living in the States but came over to visit V´s family. His father is from La Coruña and he has relatives who live there. We went up on the night train. We spent a couple of days in La Coruña, but I don´t think we saw much of the countryside on that visit.

I´d like to be able to say that it hit me like a thunderbolt - and I knew instantly that I needed to live there, but I don´t think that´s true. Since then, we´ve seen some more areas like sunny Pontevedra, the imposing
Ribeira Sacra and along the Camiño de Santiago in Lugo the Costa da Morte of La Coruña. We even explored a little of Asturias around Taramundi and Los Oscos.

I´ll be posting the various things that strike me as interesting or perplexing or infuriating as we go about our lives, but I also hope that gradually I can communicate some of the things I find compelling about that green corner of Spain that has captured our hearts and imaginations.

This is the Galician Anthem, performed by Susana Seivane playing the
gaita before the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela (I think).

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